Net sales in Automation increased in the fourth quarter by 26 percent to SEK 694 million (549) and EBITA increased by 91 percent to SEK 99 million (52). Net sales during the financial year increased by 25 percent toSEK 2,425 million (1,946) EBITA increased by 38 percent to SEK 267 million (194).

In the fourth quarter, the Automation business area experienced increased demand in key customer segments, including the mechanical industry, the defence industry and medical technology. This is partly explained by the recovery from the IT attack, as well as by the effects of customers experiencing increased demand for products towards the end of the quarter given the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. Both volumes and profit growth were good, earnings were also affected positively by the revaluation of contingent purchase considerations by approximately SEK 30 million during the quarter.

Automation - Sales per customer segment
Automation - Sales per geographic market



Net sales in Components increased in the  fourth quarter by 4 percent to SEK 578 million (553) and EBITA increased by 2 percent and amounted to SEK 65 million (64). Net sales during the financial year increased by 6 percent to SEK 2,082 million (1,960) and EBITA amounted to SEK 218 million (220).

Stable volume growth despite tough comparisons with the fourth quarter of the preceding year. Demand for production components from Nordic manufacturing companies was high, partly due to customers securing their inventories in preparation for anticipated component shortages, but also from customers with increased demand in the current situation. The business situation was favourable in Norway and Denmark, varying in Finland and levelling off somewhat in Sweden. Market segments where development was positive were transport, defence, medical technology, wind power and projects in electrification.

Components - Sales per customer segment
Components - Sales per geographic market

Net sales in Energy in the fourth quarter amounted to SEK 604 million (644) and EBITA increased by 12 percent to SEK 78 million (70). Net sales during the financial year increased by 2 percent to SEK 2,412 million (2,357) and EBITA increased by 16 percent to SEK 282 million (244).

Demand for infrastructure products for national and regional grids and for wind power held at high levels and the market situation remained stable throughout the quarter. The units that are active in sales of niche products for electrical power distribution, the expansion of the fibre-optic network, as well as building & installation continued to experience a certain decline in demand. Clearer customer focus and efficiency measures had a positive effect on operating margins throughout the year.

Energy - Sales per customer segment
Energy - Sales per geographic market


Net sales in Industrial Process increased in the fourth quarter by 4 percent to SEK 732 million (707) and EBITA increased by 60 percent to SEK 113 million (71). Net sales during the financial year increased by 39 percent to SEK 3,204 million (2,305) and EBITA increased by 103 percent to SEK 445 million (219).

Sales of products and services for environmental improvement solutions in the marine segment was good in the final quarter of the year, while demand for new projects remained considerably lower. During the quarter, organic growth provided very good leverage on the margins and non-recurring effects, from service agreements with high margins and exchange rate effects, had a positive impact on earnings of approximately SEK 20 million. The market situation in special vehicles and the engineering sector continued to decline, while the business situation in the process industry was, on the whole, stable.

Industrial Process - Sales per customer segment
Industrial Process - Sales per geographic market

Net sales in Power Solutions increased in the fourth quarter by 5 percent to SEK 434 million (414) and EBITA inreased by 27 percent to SEK 68 million (54). Net sales during the financial year increased by 2 percent to SEK 1,630 million (1,597) and EBITA increased by 4 percent to SEK 231 million (223).

During the quarter, demand was very good for the business area as a whole. For customised battery solutions, the market situation remained highly favourable, particularly in medical technology. The business situation remained favourable for the units operating in power supply and wind power. Demand for control and ergonomics products in the business area’s largest customer segment, special vehicles, was favourable, particularly with regard to components for several customers’ stocks of spare parts.

Power Solutions - Sales per customer segment
Power Solutions - Sales per geographic market

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